ur gonna <3 this

btw, Zaz is having a fibro flare that has left her feeling like she’s been beaten with sticks. See you later.

cluttered mind

Do you know what that is? Yes, it’s the mini-b side of my kindle usb charging cable. And do you know what those marks are?...

the polar vortex and other stuff

According to this post, the polar vortex (or something similar) is returning later this month. Not that there will be snow, but they’re predicting a...

waking up screaming

I keep having these dreams where Dad is evil and trying to kill me. And it’s only now, when I’ve woken myself up screaming, that...

man v internet

Have you heard about the Adam Richman instagram debacle? My understanding from the various media sources including a report from the blogger who first responded...

Welcome to the new zazamataz.com!

I'm still not sure where we're going with this site, but please join us for the journey. I am hoping to do more with photography. I need to remember to start taking my camera with me wherever I go. And maybe throw one of my extra tripods in the car.

Recent recipes at Chickens & Eggs.

Chickens & Eggs has been updated. Links have been fixed, recipes have been updated, smart ass comments in recipes have been mostly removed, and featured images have been set. Please come by and visit.