my little basketball

On the one hand, he looks pretty funny. On the other, as a large person I feel bad about raising a large cat. But I...

alligators in my head

Original photo by Matthew Field – I had a dream this morning. I was taking my old dog Fred for a walk and we...

and now for your amusement

Oh, I am a lazy person. At least as far as the blog is concerned. Last Friday, I finally got discharged! The wound has remained...


Guess what?

so freakin’ hot

It’s been so hot. I’ve been so tired and achy. We’ve had several fronts move through so we’ve had periods of a little rain (and...

Welcome to the new!

I'm still not sure where we're going with this site, but please join us for the journey. I am hoping to do more with photography. I need to remember to start taking my camera with me wherever I go. And maybe throw one of my extra tripods in the car.

Recent recipes at Chickens & Eggs.

Chickens & Eggs has been updated. Links have been fixed, recipes have been updated, smart ass comments in recipes have been mostly removed, and featured images have been set. Please come by and visit.
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